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$2,000,000.00 settlement:
54 year old man involved in a rear end collision with back injuries and surgery.


Richard, For having a belief in my case and for your perseverance ... Thank you for pursuing justice. I am grateful.

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$2 million Arbitration Award:
29 year old owner/operator of motorcycle which struck vehicle in the rear sustaining multiple fractures and internal injuries requiring surgery and hospitalization.

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  • Pediatric Clinic
    Personal Injury

    Since 1976, the personal injury attorneys at Neimark & Neimark have helped more than 1,000 clients recover tens of millions of dollars in damages. We’re prepared to evaluate your claim and work diligently to secure the compensation you deserve.

    Gynecological Clinic
    Auto Accidents

    You are not alone if you have been injured in an automobile accident. Motor vehicle accidents occur alarmingly often in New York — the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles reported that 314,974 motor vehicle accidents occurred in 2009.*

    Laboratory Analysis
    Trucking Accidents

    Because of their heavy weight, large size and relatively slow stopping time, trucks have the ability to cause significant damage to individual passenger vehicles on the road.

    Cardiac Clinic
    Slip And Fall

    While you can file a personal injury lawsuit for many different reasons, slip and fall accidents often result in premises liability claims. These accidents can occur anywhere — at your home or at work, while shopping in a store, or even when you are out for a casual walk or jog

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    Construction Accidents

    Construction sites are very dangerous and have a high frequency of accidents. Most often it is the workers who are injured, though pedestrians may also be hurt by falling objects. Whether you are a construction worker or a passerby, the owners and contractors of a construction project may be liable for your injuries

    Rehabilitation Therapy
    Medical Malpractice

    Doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and many other healthcare providers are expected to provide a certain standard of care to all who come to them for assistance. If their actions fall below a level judged acceptable by their peers and you are injured as a result, you have the right to sue for damages.

    Medical Counseling
    Products Liability

    When you purchase a consumer product, you have the right to expect that you will not be harmed by using it. However, thousands of people are injured in the United States each year by dangerous or defective products.

    Psychological Counseling
    Nursing Home Injuries

    Nursing home facilities are responsible for their employees’ actions or inactions that may harm residents. You need not stand idly by as your elder loved one suffers harm from substandard care. You can be a powerful advocate compelling changes in the way a facility operates.

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Center for Medical Technology Innovation

$2,193,995.38 Total Recovery

Richard P. Neimark settled this matter for an infant Plaintiff who was injured in utero when her mother was caused to slip and fall in a supermarket.

Nutritional Personal Consultation

$2.1 million Settlement

59 year old construction worker with a fractured heel and ankle requiring multiple surgeries.


  • "I wanna thank you for the good work you've done for me. The settlement that you guys negotiated is definitely a welcome shot in the arm. I will be recommending your firm to anyone that needs a good injury attorney. Take care and God bless."
  • "Richard, For having a belief in my case and for your perseverance ... Thank you for pursuing justice. I am grateful."
  • "I want to thank all of you, not just for what you did, which was wonderful, but for the warmth and caring you put into it, You're all very special people."
  • "Dear Richard, You are truly an amazing man! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for everything you did for me. You are a man of your word. These words really cannot express my gratitude. I wish you good health & happiness to you and yours. Again, Thank you!"

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