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While you can file a personal injury lawsuit for many different reasons, slip and fall accidents often result in premises liability claims. These accidents can occur anywhere — at your home or at work, while shopping in a store, or even when you are out for a casual walk or jog. Injuries range in severity from cuts and bruises to broken bones and permanent brain damage.
Neimark & Neimark's New York slip and fall attorneys can protect your interests if you have sustained an injury after slipping on someone else's property. Our team takes slip and fall accidents very seriously and works with you to ensure you receive the medical care and financial compensation you need to fully recover from your accident. We have decades of experience successfully pursuing damages in slip and fall lawsuits.

Commercial and private property owners and caretakers can be held responsible if they fail to clean up a slippery substance from the ground or do not post appropriate signs warning passersby of the area's hazards. Our New York injury attorneys identify liable parties by investigating who is ultimately responsible for the property you slipped on and, once liability is established, pursue compensation for your economic losses as well as your pain and suffering.

Rely On Our Caring And Persistent New York Slip And Fall Lawyers.

You deserve compensation for your losses and expenses related to injuries sustained after suffering a serious fall. If you are looking for a slip and fall attorney in New York, Neimark & Neimark can help you. We do not collect attorney’s fees until we successfully get you compensated. Contact us online or call us at 888.725.7424 for a free consultation. We look forward to knowing you.


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Center for Medical Technology Innovation

$2,193,995.38 Total Recovery

Richard P. Neimark settled this matter for an infant Plaintiff who was injured in utero (now 5 years old) when her mother was caused to slip and fall in a supermarket.

Nutritional Personal Consultation

$2.1 million Settlement

59 year old construction worker with a fractured heel and ankle requiring multiple surgeries.