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Committed Representation In Rockland County, The Five Boroughs and all of New York.

Any type of bodily injury can cause a major disruption in your life. Even injuries that at first appear minor can lead to missed work, multiple surgeries and thousands of dollars in medical bills. Yet, if your injury occurred because of someone’s negligent or wrongful act, you may be entitled to compensation. Since 1976, the personal injury attorneys at Neimark & Neimark have helped more than 1,000 clients recover tens of millions of dollars in damages. We’re prepared to evaluate your claim and work diligently to secure the compensation you deserve.

Understanding Damages In A Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury is the area of the law that enforces responsibility for careless, reckless or deliberate acts that injure other people. Unlike criminal proceedings, where the law seeks to punish a wrongdoer, personal injury cases proceed in civil court, where the goal is to compensate the injured party. Since nothing can erase the injury, the court awards damages, ordering the wrongdoer to pay amounts sufficient to offset the injury. If you’ve ever asked yourself how much your health is worth, you understand the question is impossible to answer. However, that’s what the court attempts to do, allowing victims to recover compensation for any loss suffered as a direct result of the injury event, including:

  • Medical bills, present and future
  • Income lost, present and future
  • Cost of remodeling a home to accommodate a disability
  • Cost of rehabilitation and retraining
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Physical pain
  • Mental suffering
As your advocates, our mission is to maximize the amount you recover so that you are truly compensated.


Our lawyers get to know you personally to provide caring support and effective representation. When a defendant or an insurance company’s settlement offer is not adequate, we do not hesitate to file a lawsuit, knowing our firm has the resources to bear the cost of fighting for your best possible outcome.

Why You Must Act As Soon As Possible

You have a limited amount of time to file an injury lawsuit in New York. The statute of limitations varies according to the cause of your injury, but in all cases you should contact an experienced lawyer right away. There’s a saying in the law, “he who sleeps on his rights loses them.” We here to make sure your rights are protected.

Rely On Our Caring And Persistent Personal Injury Lawyers.

You deserve justice when you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. Neimark & Neimark can help you. We do not collect attorney’s fees until we successfully get you compensated. Contact us online or call us at 888.725.7424 FREE for a free consultation.


Recent Verdicts

Latest News

Center for Medical Technology Innovation

$2,193,995.38 Total Recovery

Richard P. Neimark settled this matter for an infant Plaintiff who was injured in utero (now 5 years old) when her mother was caused to slip and fall in a supermarket.

Nutritional Personal Consultation

$2.1 million Settlement

59 year old construction worker with a fractured heel and ankle requiring multiple surgeries.