$2,193,995.38 Total Recovery

Richard P. Neimark settled this matter for an infant Plaintiff who was injured in utero (now 5 years old) when her mother was caused to slip and fall in a supermarket.

$2.1 million Settlement

59 year old construction worker with a fractured heel and ankle requiring multiple surgeries.

$2 million Arbitration Award

29 year old owner/operator of motorcycle which struck vehicle in the rear sustaining multiple fractures and internal injuries requiring surgery and hospitalization.

$2 million Settlement

54 year old man involved in a rear end collision with back injuries and surgery.

$1.95 million Settlement

56 year old woman involved in a rear end collision suffering back, shoulder and bladder injuries.

$1.5 million Settlement

28 year old construction worker injured on the job with injuries to his brain, head, face, as well as psychological injuries.

$1.5 million Settlement

48 year old operator of vehicle struck by a utility truck resulting in knee injury requiring surgery and psychological injuries.

$950,000 settlement

$950,000 settlement for now 60 year old construction worker injured at job site with bilateral knee fractures requiring two surgeries.

$750,000 Arbitration Award

$750,000 arbitration award for a 59 year old woman who was driving a vehicle which was struck in the rear by another vehicle. As a result of the incident she sustained an exacerbation and deterioration of a pre-existing dementia condition.

$650,000 settlement

$650,000 settlement for a now 70 year old woman pedestrian struck by a vehicle while she was crossing the street outside of the cross walk who sustained bilateral leg fractures and internal injuries requiring surgeries.